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New TV shows made by Shaymar Media Productions in Chicago we make great TV show call 1-773-416-7555

Mis à jour : 28 oct. 2018

I am doing TV marketing to different city's in the world to see how my TV show can become greater I am taking my TV show to the next level. I need your feedback and advice . . .... I will be marketing for other cities and other TV stations. ....I need your feedback to determine what I I can to make it a greater show The Underground Railroad that comes on Comcast TV on Saturday's at 10:30pm on channel 19........ We talk about the government, crime community issues, and war ......Join my YouTube and Facebook site website and bereave me and ya staff a message at mt YouTube website link https://www.youtube.com/user/bradleyc79 . . .. and my Facebook website link at https://www.facebook.com/clifton.bradley.5 ...... Shared these website links ....... ....... Thank you to the Thousands the have already joined my YouTube and Facebook websites. For more information call phone number 1-773-416-7444 or 1-312-884-9757 in the USA, Chicago, IL. Thank you from President/CEO of the Shaymar Media Production. We do great TV video productions in Chicago, IL. My name is Clifton Rheem Bradley ... again we are located in the USA, Chicago, IL... Check out our new website at http://wwwshaymarmedia.com

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