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Mis à jour : 31 oct. 2018

I want you to use "Shaymar Media Production" for your next video product your video projects. This is our website address http:www.shaymaymedia.com. We also provide other Media services Pre-production meetings, Editing, we will upload your production your production to You-Tube https://www.youtube.co,, Facebook https://www.facebook.com) and promote your project by using Google Ad-word www.ads.google.com and by using Bing Ad-words advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/‎ and submitting your video to local TV stations in Chicago, IL. Call Mr. Bradley /President of CEO of "Shaymar Media Production" at 1-773-416-7555 or e-mail us a bradleyc79@juno.com and check out our You website at http://www.youtube.com/bradleyc79 . Give us a call today.

President/CEO Clifton Bradley


E-mail Bradleyc79@juno.com

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